Gangs Vs.Greg , and Floods in Vijayawada

September 24, 2005

Umm, it took more than a week to write my next post. It is not as if I was very busy, I kept my self busy by reading whatever is being said on the internet about Ganguly-Chappell fall out. That’s quite something, isn’t it? To see a coach so pissed off about the captain and the captain who chose to bring it out into the open.

Our dear friend Shyam Sundar a.k.a. MP (write to me privately if you don’t know what MP is) has penned a nice note on what could have transpired between Gangs-Greg.

MP: if you are reading this, why don’t post your “work” on this blog, please!

Let me steer away from cricket now, lest our “non-cricketing” friends shut out. The next thing that comes to my mind is the recent floods in coastal Andhra. Just when you think you have seen it all – the floods in Mumbai, the flooding of roads in Hyderabad (you don’t actually need floods “to flood” Hyd roads, a rainfall of 4 cm is enough), the floods in coastal Andhra came along, out of nowhere. The TV channels are showing most of Vijayawada getting flooded, and the people “wading” around on the streets with their lungi’s lifted to the waist level. Jokes apart, it was really surprising to see such a deluge of water, just for a 3-4 day rain fall. Even more surprising (rather shocking) is that inspite of such wide-spread damage, the relief work was very minimal. You can call Chandrababu Naidu many other things, but in situations like this he would have ensured that the state govt. people worked their ass off round-the-clock.