Inexpensive bars and dhabas in Hyderabad

September 13, 2008


This post is exclusively for the benefit of Hyderabadis who love their malt or pint. In the past 4-5 years I could not help but notice the steep rise in the liquor rates in all the Bars and Pubs in Hyderabad, and more so in so called “Cyberabad” area of Ameerpet, Panjagutta, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur and Gachibowli. Agreed that the cost of living in general has increased steeply in Hyderabad in last few years. That still does not justify 3 to 20 times premium that these bars and pubs charge over wine shop prices. A.P. government apparently makes Rs. 30,000 crores per year from the license fees, excise tax and sales tax collections from the wine shops and bars in the state. The bars and pubs in Hyderabad are also doing their bit to complete this loot of poor drinkers.


Any ways, I for one never liked to spend large sums on drinking, especially if that means shelling out a few thousands of rupees for a night’s drinks.  I would rather spend that money on my family or on charity. For this reason I have stayed away from the up-market pubs or bars in the last 4 years (thank god I visited all those pubs in B’Hills and Green Lands before they became expensive). Because I drink at least 3 days per week, I have identified a few inexpensive places in the areas I or my friends live in.  Of course, nothing beats “binge drinking” at your home with your friends, when your wife is out of town J


Before I list out the inexpensive bars and dhabas that I frequent, time for some trivia. Do you know the name of bar at the Army Golf course in Bollarum? It is called 19th hole (because it is the watering hole you go to after finishing with the 18-hole golf course)


Ameerpet Area:


Bar One – clean and decent ambience, quick service and large seating area. A large peg of Blenders Pride costs Rs. 80, a regular sized KF beer costs Rs. 75


Pujitha Bar near Sanath Nagar Bus stand – simple ambience, reasonable service and large seating area. A large peg of Blenders Pride costs ~Rs. 85, a regular sized KF beer costs Rs. 75


Kukatpally/Miyapur Area:


Temptations Bar – simple ambience, reasonable service and large seating area. A large peg of Blenders Pride costs ~Rs. 80, a regular sized KF beer costs Rs. 70


Sarovar bhaba located on Miyapur-Bachupally road. Simple ambience and good food. Non veg snacks/curries cost Rs. 80-90 per plate, the veg ones Rs. 40-50 per plate. You, of course, bring your own booze.


Hamsafar Dhaba – near Bahadurpally junction on Nizamabad/bodhan road, very close to Satyam Technology Center (STC). Simple ambience, large seating area and good food. Non veg snacks/curries cost Rs. 80-90 per plate, the veg ones Rs. 40-50 per plate. Their biryani is yummy. You, of course, bring your own booze.


Secunderabad/ Bowenpally Area:


Palate Tulips Bar near Apollo-Vikrampuri – decent ambience, reasonable service and large seating area. A large peg of Blenders Pride costs ~Rs. 85, a regular sized KF beer costs Rs. 75

Gurmeet Bar, Diamond point – simple ambience, reasonable service and large seating area. A large peg of Blenders Pride costs ~Rs. 85, a regular sized KF beer costs Rs. 70


Bar One, at Tadbund and Suchitra Jn. (off Medchal Road) – clean and decent ambience, quick service and large seating area. A large peg of Blenders Pride costs Rs. 80, a regular sized KF beer costs Rs. 75


Basera Dhaba and Classic Bhaba, Medchal highway – Among the best on Medchal highway for quick service. I found the bigger ones (such as Sony Dhaba) to be very slow on service. The food and the prices, in my view, are similar in all dhabas located on Medchal highway. Non veg snacks/curries cost Rs. 140-160 per plate, the veg ones Rs. 80-90 per plate. You, of course, bring your own booze.


A.S.Rao Nagar


Regale bar – Though the pricing is similar to other bars in the area, this one is by far the best in terms of food and ambience. A large peg of Blenders Pride costs Rs. 100, a regular sized KF beer costs Rs. 80


Suraj Biryani point, in Moula-Ali Housing Board Colony – Try this out when you have a few friends with you: order for a jumbo mutton biryani here, and while he prepares the table for you (which takes 15-20 minutes) hop over to the wine shop next door, buy some beers, finish them in a large seating area behind the wine shop, and return to Suraj to dig into piping hot mutton biryani. Trust me this is a good package..


The list looks smaller than what I expected when I started this blog post. May be I should drink more often and visit more places J



Few more additions to the list, coutesy

  • Blue King Bar, Sudarshan theater complex, RTC X Rd
    Maharaja Bar,  
    Paradise center, Sec’bad
  • Madhushala, next to haiking in Hyderguda : King of cheap and great food. Blenders Pride 1 Peg is 100 Bucks and you order 2, third is free. So effectively it is Rs.66/Peg
  • Little Hearts,  a Punjabi run bar which is bang opposite to Haiking in Hyderguda. Good Food and cheap booze
  • Gokul, Kacheguda, opp to old prabhat theatre
  • Host, at Daimond point, Sikh village, not very cheap, but amazing food and “Best Biryani in a Bar”.
  • Golden Deer , Ranigunj: before the bridge after crossing the tank bund road. Great Biryani and second best sambhar rice ( next to only Mega City, Basheerbagh)
  • Sudharshan Bar & Resturant, Naryanguda Crossroads. Great food and booze. 

Unsung heroes of Indian Army

August 30, 2008


As mentioned in my previous post, my new job is keeping me very busy. That my current company works 6 days a week is just the icing on the cake I neededJ


Watched just a couple of movies on home theater in the entire month. “Jaane Tu…”, that I heard so much about, did not disappoint. But some how Genelia managed to look old and worn out in this movie. Though the story and screenplay were positively formulaic, such themes usually go down well with any type of audience. But the movie I liked more was “1971” which I missed watching last year. Though the 1st hour was little slow, it picked up momentum post-interval and finally left me moved with deep emotions. Apart from the fact that there are still so many Indian POWs languishing in Pakistani jails (which speaks a lot about the apathy of Indian administration), this film is a grim reminder about the tough conditions soldiers live through, with nothing more than a modest salary and possibly a medal to show for their sacrifices. The locales in which the climax of the film was shot reminded me about the inhuman conditions in which India and Pakistan armies have been waging a conflict in Siachen. The Siachen Conflict is over the disputed Siachen Glacier region in Kashmir. It began in 1984, and more than 4000 soldiers (from both sides) allegedly died in this inhospitable terrain, mostly due to weather extremities and the natural hazards of mountain warfare.



Back to the film, it reminded me about a family get together I attended some months ago in an ex-colleague’s house in Vayupuri, Secunderabad. This ex-colleague of mine was a Doctor who previously served in Indian Airforce. Hence, the party was attended by lot of Ex-Airforce and Ex-Army folks. That night I had the privilege of listening to the war stories of the officers who were part of 1965 and 1971 wars. Truly a memorable experience!

Karimnagar Highway – best for long drives from Hyderabad

April 8, 2008

Yesterday I drove to Karimnagar to visit a cousin. The drive was awesome. The road, especially upto Siddipet, was flnked by colourful trees that cast ample shadows on the road, and present a great sight. I did the distance of 150 KM in 2 h 15 m.  Though its a 2-lane road one can easily do speeds of 100-120 KMPH because the road is devoid of traffic and potholes. There are a lot of dhabas (almost every 10 KM) all the way to karimnagar. So its an ideal long drive option even if you wish to club it with “eating out”.



Best route to reach Miyapur/Kondapur from Alwal/ Sainikpuri

April 4, 2008

Google Earth is an application software that one can download free of cost and install on to one’s PC. With Google Earth one can explore various places in world. Though I have not used these features, Google Earth apparently can help search for local businesses, get driving directions, and explore multimedia information from popular sources like National Geographic.

I am eternally grateful to Google Earth for making my life easy, viz. for helping me plot the best route to reach Bachupally (near Miyapur) from  my residence in Sainikpuri. My previous employer was located near ECIL X Road that was so close to Sainikpuri. So when I  joined my current employer (located in Bachupally near Miyapur) I faced the prospect of traveling 60 KM to and fro daily thru thick traffic if I were to stay put in Sainikpuri. If not for the traffic, noise pollution and lack of greenery I would have relocated to Miyapur/Kukatpally/Kondapur area. Once I decided to stay put in Sainikpuri (because of its tranquil surroundings, and proximity to Indus World School) I have put my thinking cap on to find the least inconvenient route to Bachupally.

Compared to many other cities, such as Chennai or Mumbai or Delhi or Vizag,  Hyderabad is a city that can grow in all directions. Hence Hyderabad has 6 National/State highways passing thru it, and one can plot many concentric ring roads connecting these highways.

I was initially advised to take the following route to reach Bachupally from Sainikpuri:

Sainikpuri-Alwal-Suchitra-Kompally-Dulapally-Bahadurpally-Gandimaisamma X Rd-Bachupally (this can be further extended to Miyapur-Hafeezpet-Kondapur).

Though Kompally to Bachupally route is good and devoid of traffic,  it is Sainikpuri-Alwal-Suchitra-Kompally route that has plenty of traffic and is circuitous. I thought there must be a better route than this if I can take a closer look at the general area of Bolarum-Alwal. This is where Google Earth proved to be mighty helpful. I was able to try out several permutations, thanks to place marks,  for reaching Kompally from Sainikpuri.

Finally I found this route:

Sainikpuri-EME chowk (on Karimanagar highway)-Risala Bazar-Bolarum Rly Stn.-Kompally-Dulapally-Bahadurpally-Gandimaisamma X Rd-Bachupally.

This above route is just 3 KM more than the conventional route of Sainikpuri-Tirumalgery-Bowenpally-Balanagar-Kukatpally-Miyapur-Bachuapally, and it is less crowded and flanked by lot of greenery.

One can easily do this route (31 KM) in 45-50 minutes, compared to 60-90 minutes it takes on the conventional route.