Best route to reach Miyapur/Kondapur from Alwal/ Sainikpuri

April 4, 2008

Google Earth is an application software that one can download free of cost and install on to one’s PC. With Google Earth one can explore various places in world. Though I have not used these features, Google Earth apparently can help search for local businesses, get driving directions, and explore multimedia information from popular sources like National Geographic.

I am eternally grateful to Google Earth for making my life easy, viz. for helping me plot the best route to reach Bachupally (near Miyapur) from  my residence in Sainikpuri. My previous employer was located near ECIL X Road that was so close to Sainikpuri. So when I  joined my current employer (located in Bachupally near Miyapur) I faced the prospect of traveling 60 KM to and fro daily thru thick traffic if I were to stay put in Sainikpuri. If not for the traffic, noise pollution and lack of greenery I would have relocated to Miyapur/Kukatpally/Kondapur area. Once I decided to stay put in Sainikpuri (because of its tranquil surroundings, and proximity to Indus World School) I have put my thinking cap on to find the least inconvenient route to Bachupally.

Compared to many other cities, such as Chennai or Mumbai or Delhi or Vizag,  Hyderabad is a city that can grow in all directions. Hence Hyderabad has 6 National/State highways passing thru it, and one can plot many concentric ring roads connecting these highways.

I was initially advised to take the following route to reach Bachupally from Sainikpuri:

Sainikpuri-Alwal-Suchitra-Kompally-Dulapally-Bahadurpally-Gandimaisamma X Rd-Bachupally (this can be further extended to Miyapur-Hafeezpet-Kondapur).

Though Kompally to Bachupally route is good and devoid of traffic,  it is Sainikpuri-Alwal-Suchitra-Kompally route that has plenty of traffic and is circuitous. I thought there must be a better route than this if I can take a closer look at the general area of Bolarum-Alwal. This is where Google Earth proved to be mighty helpful. I was able to try out several permutations, thanks to place marks,  for reaching Kompally from Sainikpuri.

Finally I found this route:

Sainikpuri-EME chowk (on Karimanagar highway)-Risala Bazar-Bolarum Rly Stn.-Kompally-Dulapally-Bahadurpally-Gandimaisamma X Rd-Bachupally.

This above route is just 3 KM more than the conventional route of Sainikpuri-Tirumalgery-Bowenpally-Balanagar-Kukatpally-Miyapur-Bachuapally, and it is less crowded and flanked by lot of greenery.

One can easily do this route (31 KM) in 45-50 minutes, compared to 60-90 minutes it takes on the conventional route.