Sunday mornings

September 18, 2009

I love Sunday mornings. Now, you might ask me why not the entire Sunday or why not the morning of just any holiday. Sunday evenings are dull and boring for me, more so because Monday morning is lurking around the corner. Hence Sunday evenings are boring  unless I go out with family for a movie or a game park, or unless a friend throws a party 😉

Coming to the second part of your question, read through this post to know why. What differentiates Sunday from any other holiday is that it will be an off day for every one in the house (unlike some of the festival holidays), and you don’t have to get up early to perform a puja (as in case of most of the festival holidays), and hotels offer brunches only on Sundays 😉

My chores on a Sunday morning go like this. I sleep on till 8.30 or 9.00 AM, usually in the warm company of my 6 year old son. Wifey would get up little early to make Tea. After finishing with Tea and news papers, I fiddle with the TV remote for 20-30 minutes. By now it is 10 AM, and I and wifey would decide on the breakfast – whether she will make my favourite breakfast (Pongal or Godhuma (Wheat) rava Upma) or whether to go out to a restaurant (wife loves plain dosa and I am ready to wolf down any thing). My personal favourites are the Kamat on S.D. Road and the breakfast buffet at Yatri Nivas.

At 11 AM, I slowly trudge out to purchase the raw materials for Sunday special. This would probably be the only time in the entire week that I will be taking a walk longer than 50 meters. When I walk down the stairs in my apartment I can feel the aromas of various dishes being prepared in the kitchens of our apartment.  It is then that I will make up my mind on what should be my lunch. As I walk through the roads in Defence Colony (Sainikpuri) I can feel the freshness in the air and the cool of the morning breeze. Even the sunlight sneaking through the tree cover feels very soothing. After completing the shopping I either sit in front of the TV with a glass of lemonade or I take out my car to meet any of my close friends in the neighbourhood. These meetings usually end up in a beer tasting session in an open air dhaba or a car-o-bar. I then go back to my lunch, which is followed by a blissful sleep for a couple of hours. The alternate scenario is skipping the breakfast altogether and going for a brunch at Marriot or Taj Krishna and Grand Kakatiya.

Umm, how far is my next Sunday..