April 15, 2009

 Last few weeks have been frenetic at work.  Achieved reasonably respectable results for FY 2008-09 in spite of the R word. This was followed by fine-tuning the budget for 2009-10 over the past 2 weeks. So, hardly got a chance to pursue my interests, viz. traveling, movies and eating out. 

The other thing that had my attention these days is the elections for AP Assembly and Indian parliament scheduled to begin on April 16. After trying to assess who is better among the already proven failures, I have given up and went back to my original choice – Loksatta. I have previously decided not to vote for Loksatta because it is very obvious that they will not win even a handful seats, let alone a majority. But then I had successfully shaken off this typically middle class syndrome of backing the winners, and decided to vote for Loksatta which is undisputedly in a league of its own. I am proud that Andhra Pradesh is home to such upright and ideological party which is trying to bring a paradigm shift in Indian politics and governance. In its short existence as a political party, it was previously an NGO, Loksatta has shown that it is capable of walking the talk. The internal processes of Loksatta w.r.t. election of office bearers and selection of candidates for MLA and MP seats were transparent and truly democratic.  Additionally, Loksatta has always been doing its bit to drive for improvement in political governance on various issues.

So, while I am not sure whether my vote will help the local Loksatta candidate win the seat, I am 1000% sure that each vote polled for Loksatta will motivate 5 more, hitherto skeptic, voters to vote for Loksatta in next round of elections. And when (not if) it happens I am sure Loksatta will be a strong political force with a power to change the governance of the state and center.