Holiday season


Firstly, Happy New Year, Happy Sankranthi/Pongal/Baisakhi, Happy holidays to every one.


I am yet to settle down into a steady blogging mode. So if any one is coming back frequently to see a new post from me, my apologies. I am assuming that there are at least a couple of visitors like that J, based on the fact that my blog now has registered more than 10,000 hits. Thanks dudes for that JJJ


My blogging was also affected by the work pressures accentuated by the recession in global markets. Today I am leaving on a short vacation to my home town. I will spend the next 3 days in doing a road trip across south coastal Andhra. Watch out for a travelogue and pictures on that trip soon.


As mentioned in my last post, I toured USA in Nov-08 for a short business trip. Though it was a really short trip of just 14 days, I visited 9 cities in USANew York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Miami and Pittsburg. Sadly I could not do much sight seeing in any of these places because it was all business in the day and quiet dinners in the nights, and packing & unpacking suitcases every day. Of course, I have visited some of these cities in my previous trips to USANew York, Atlanta and Chicago.

Gateway Arch

“Gateway Arch” in St. Loius


More of St. Louis

More of St. Louis


CNN center @ Atlanta

CNN center @ Atlanta


From outside the CNN Center

Outside the CNN Center


Images from the tradeshow I attended

Images from the tradeshow I attended


Images from the tradeshow I attended

Images from the tradeshow I attended


I always enjoyed touring in USA for its friendly people, the sights, and the food (global cuisine, and the steaks). From whatever little first hand experience I had in European countries, USA is a much better tourist-friendly place. But, from the 2nd day itself I would start missing the hustle and bustle, smells, heat and dust of India. There is nothing like India.


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