Good begining to the month of August


Been quite busy past few weeks and hence no blogging.


Joined my new job on Aug 4. Really felt good to receive such a rousing welcome (yes, there was a formal reception) from old colleagues who I worked with during 2003-07. As expected there was no formal orientation and not even a honeymoon period, so I had to hit the ground running. There was so much to do, and I am loving it.


Seems like this month will be very good to me. A property deal that was dragging its feet for the past 4 months was finally settled this week. Made a quick trip to Tenali to attend to this task, but the public did not notice it because “Superstar” Krishna also was visiting his hometown (Tenali) on the same day J


Took a few days off last month to spend some time with my friends at Guntur. I was joined on this trip by some of my Hyderabad-based friends. So we hopped over to Suryalanka beach resort (operated by APTDC) and spent a whole day there. They charged Rs. 1100 per day for an AC cottage with double beds. I believe they charge Rs. 200 more during the weekends. As we were there on a week day there was not much crowd, which suited us very well. The beach was very flat and one can wade into the sea for almost 50-60 meters during low tide. We spent more than 2 hrs swimming in the sea in the morning. Couple of points about the resort that I want to highlight – Outside food is not allowed and hence one has to put up with just-okayish food served by the canteen. Two, the place can get lonely during the week days, so not ideal for a single family even though NO security issues are reported so far.


Finally, I join my fellow Indians in doffing my hat to Abhinav Bindra, India’s only gold medal winner at Olympics in an individual sport. No praise is too high for him. Back in 2002 when I and my wife were considering various names that start with Abhi for my first born, I plumped for Abhinav because the guy was already making waves in international sports. I hope that my son will achieve at least 1% of what AB has achieved.


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