What a month!!

Good to be back, after staying off the blog through out June. Noticed that the blog registered a good no. of hits, considering the baseline, because of the post on a popular topic like “weekend getaways from Hyderabad”. Though June was a non-event as far as my blogging is considered, it was a great month for me on personal front.

I have quit my current job that is by far the most disappointing assignment in my entire career. I will be moving back to the firm I shouldn’t have left in the first place. Like always there are a few lessons to be learnt from the traumatic 15 months I spent at my current job.

  • It is very important to understand what you really want out of your job. That helps you decide whether you should start looking out (from your current job) or whether you should accept that seemingly fabulous offer you received yesterday. What do people want in a job? It could be money and more money, or it could be money+recognition, or it could be money+great work place, or it could be an opportunity to gain exposure to a technology or function that could be very rewarding in future, or it could be just getting an opportunity to work on something you are passionate about. In my case I accepted my current job because I saw it as a great opportunity to gain exposure to many other areas of the industry I belong to.  What I did not bargain for was losing a great work place, a professionally challenging environment, and my favourite role viz. Business Development. Luckily my old firm welcomed me back wholeheartedly, but not many people could be as fortunate. Therefore, my advice to all those hi-fliers is to ensure that you don’t lose the goodies you already have when you set off in pursuit of a new thing.
  • Self-confidence. When you have it you can take on the world, you can take any no. of difficulties in your stride, but remember you can lose it too. Yes, very few people, if at all, can retain their self-confidence in the face of successive failures. And when you lose self-confidence you will slowly lose or start doubting in your abilities that have once made you very successful.  Therefore never doubt your abilities, I would rather you overestimate your abilities than underestimate them. The world loves confident, successful people, but please spare a thought for those among your near and dear whose confidence is on a low. You don’t have to provide any matrial help to them, just remind them about the good qualities they have and the successes they had in the past, and thereby inject a dose of confidence. It will work wonders for them.

The second good news is that I have quit smoking. I began smoking when I was in engineering college, and have since tried a few times to quit. But, it never lasted beyond a week. This time it just happened without any advance planning. There are many days when I stayed off cigarette when I spent the whole day at home. I am not a heavy smoker, but I smoke at least 1-2 cigarettes a day when I am having a regular day (i.e. office, meeting friends, going out, etc.), the quantity goes up when I booze. So, on June 4 when I realized that I have not smoked at all the previous day in spite of it being a regular day, I just thought let me give it serious try this time. What I did differently this time was browsing internet and reading up the ills of smoking all over again (most of us any way know these facts), and more importantly the tips on how to encounter the urge during the initial few weeks. This really helped. The toughest urge would be the sense of loss (as if you have lost a long standing friend) just when you have successfully resisted the nicotine withdrawal symptoms in first 2 weeks. That sense of loss will be so acute that you will feel it is really not worth it if you have to forego all those sweet memories associated with your dear friend (who else, the cigarette). The second toughest urge would come when you booze and let your guard down. The final and everlasting danger would be the complacency you develop when you stayed off the cigarette for more than 6 months. You will feel that quitting was actually easier than you imagined and that you can do it any time you want. But if you know that very few people successfully quit smoking second time around, you will not let the complacency creep in.

Another good thing that happened to me in June was my wife getting a job as mentor/teacher in the school my little son is studying 1st grade. That makes life easy for both of them. Now that all three of us spending the entire day in our respective office/school, we are even more keen to spend quality time together in the evenings and during the weekends.

2 more additions to the reasons why I love Sainikpuri /A.S.Rao Nagar locality so much:

  1. HUDA has thrown open a new park in Sainikpuri, in the lane next to Poulomi hospitals. The park has a tot lot, walking track, and a lot of greenery.
  2. The 6th and latest branch of McDonalds in Hyderabad was inaugurated in A.S. Rao Nagar. This is also McD’s first drive-thru restaurant in India (?). It also has a large seating area in the first floor. I am loving it.

2 Responses to What a month!!

  1. sukku4u says:

    Yes I have seen the McDonalds at AS Rao Nagar and it looks pretty neat. I am also staying in Sainikpuri but should outta this place from Tuesday. Nice blog and btw good to know that you have quit smoking, I tried it a couple of times…

  2. nvasireddy says:

    Hi Sukumaran,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Will you be still around, i.e. in Hyderabad? Let me know if you need any help with quitting smoking :))

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