Long live Blogging!!

These days I could not stop wondering what life would be without blogs. In the past couple of months the work at office was very easy paced for me, thanks to the delay in the launch of a couple of projects that I have to coordinate. Mind you I am a reasonably senior manager in a large corporate that throws a lot of challenges into my lap everyday. Most of the time I could barely check my personal mails on Yahoo. But, there also have been days when I would find myself unoccupied for entire afternoon. Till 4-5 years ago I used to kill such free time by browsing thru research reports or industry news that I regularly save on to my desktop for later use. When even that wouldn’t help kill my time efficiently, I used to do some random browsing on Internet. This kind of random browsing more often than not results zero value other than, of course, killing time. On the contrary “reading blogs”, in my view, is meaningful. Blog reading provides  – a) information (industry news, travelogues, etc.), humour  (mostly of self-deprecating nature, which I feel is very endearing), insight into how some one else is reading a situation or how some one has tackled an issue. Most tangible benefit of all, for me, was blog reading has rekindled my long forgotten interests in book reading, writing (yes, that’s why I started writing blogs), certain sports, traveling, cooking, performing arts, etc.


I am hoping to write blogs on a regular basis, even if most of them may be in connection with my current interests – traveling and food. All the best to me.


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