Weekend getaways from Hyderabad – Part 1

May 16, 2008

Deciding on the title of this post was the easy part, defining a weekend getaway was not. Should it be a place that has so many sights that you need to spend at least 1.5 days over there. Or, should it be a place far enough from Hyderabad that requires you to stay overnight? Warangal falls in the first category and Amaravati falls in the second category. In the end, I have decided to list both types in 2-day weekend trip category. The other categories could be the places you drive down from Hyderabad and return on the same day, and the clusters of places in the Andhra Pradesh/ South India that you may want do in a 3 or 4 or 5 day trip from Hyderabad.

Also, considering the tremendous interest of netizens in such information, I have decided to make it more elaborate, and spread it over 2/3 posts for easy reading. In this post I will talk about the places that can be done in a single day from Hyderabad.

  • Nagarjuana Sagar: A drive of 160 KM from Hyderabad on an uncluttered road. The sightseeing options are Dam, Ethipothala waterfalls, and boat cruise to Buddhist museum. APTDC-run Vijayavihar (guest house & restaurant) offers a beautiful view of the dam and good for overnight stay.

Views of Ethipotala waterfalls


  • Ananathgiri Hills (near Vikarabad) – 60 KM from Hyderabad. The hills offer good view of the valley and trees, and not much else.
  • Nasrapur forest (on Medak highway) – 35 KM from Hyderabad on Nizamabad Highway. Good for bird watching and trekking. It also has a lake.
  • Shameerpet lake & deer Park  – 30 KM from Hyderabad. APTDC operates a guesthouse here. The sights are, of course, the lake and deer park.
  • Vemulawada near Karimnagar (Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple) – 150 KM from Hyderabad
  • Yadagirigutta (Narasimha Swamy temple) – 60 KM from Hyderabad
  • Basar (Saraswathy temple) – 200 KM from Hyderabad




Resorts/fun worlds near Hyderabad:

  • Near Gandipet Lake: Ocean Park, Dream Valley, Pragathi Resorts and several others
  • Vijayawada highway: Ramoji Film City and Mount Opera
  • Karimnagar highway: Alankrita Resorts and Leonia Holistic Resorts
  • Warangal highway: Srinidhi Resorts
  • Near Bhanur: Lahari Resorts

business as usual – on personal front

May 14, 2008

Past 15 days have been typical of the way I spend my time ever since I moved to Hyderabad, and I love living in Hyderabad for that.

1. No surprises at the office. The same 9 AM to 5. 30 PM routine, things under control. Even when I had to deal with an avalanche of work I have made it a habit to plan my work early in the day, and then sticking to the plan. That helps me finish work by 6 PM or so, and lets me spend quality time with family or friends. What I have noticed at work places is that people prepare themselves to stay beyond 7 PM everyday, and then deal with their work in a leisurely manner, typically postponing much of the work to late afternoons or evenings. If people are little more serious about planning their work loads and are punctual, we can see a boom in the economy –a productive work force who consume less resources per day (in terms of electricity and food), who can then spend more time with family, shopping, and entertainment.

2. When it comes to the evenings/late evenings, I try to spend equal amount of time with family and friends. Fortunately for me my wife is not big on shopping :), so we watch TV or movies at home (thanks to all those DVDs I buy for Rs. 30 per piece), or we go out to the nearby theaters (Radhika, Sharada, Shivashakti or Cineplanet) or we go for a leisurely walk to 5th Avenue in Sainikpuri or the Temple complex in Sainikpuri, or we just submit to the latest fancy of our 5 year old son. I generally hang around with 4-5 friends of mine who I know for a long time. Strangely enough all those guys (and myself) made Hyderabad their home only in the past 3-4 years. Ten years ago we would not have imagined that all of us would reunite again in a distant place called Hyderabad.

These days I have also made it a point to start networking with similar minded people in industry – professional executives or entrepreneurs. Apart from that I regularly attend the alumni meetings of REC-Warangal and IIM-Bangalore. I find such meetings very invigorating because I could connect to people who are doing many things beyond the usual and also because we can exchange info on the latest happenings in the industry.

3. I love to travel, especially in the company of my close friends and especially in Andhra Pradesh. We typically pile into 1 or 2 cars and go on a 2-day trip that should include a long night full of booze, good food, and a lot of jokes and senseless talk. I also drive down to Guntur and Tenali (coastal towns ~270 KM away from Hyderabad) to meet my parents and in-laws.

As one can see the last 2 things would not have been possible if I am living in any place other than Hyderabad.

To sum up my last few days..

Movies watched recently: Iron Man, Bourne trilogy (DVD), Apollo 13 (on DVD, after watching it first in Sangeet Theater 12 years ago), Jalsa (what a waste of time)

Recent Eating outs:

  1. Katriya De Royal (Ale & Kabab festival – Man! They sure know how to piss of customers, they kept us waiting for 1 Hr before they handed out our last beer at 11.30 PM)
  2. Tandoor in A.S.Rao Nagar (the Chinese dishes last time tasted better than the moghulai dishes this time)
  3. Deccan Pavilion@ ITC Kakatiya (The buffet here is the only way I can extract some value from my “Sheraton Plus” card)

Recent Long-Drives:

  1. Narsapur Forest on Medak Highway (surprised to find a forest so close to this concrete jungle; can sight a lot of emaciated monkeys; good for trekking).
  2. Penuganchiprolu (near Nandigama in Krishna District): went there with some friends who bought new trucks and wanted to visit Thirupathamma temple. Having lunch in sweltering heat on the banks of Krishna river is quite an experience 🙂

Revelry on the banks of river Krishna, and the temple

revelry on the banks of River krishnatemple

On the way to Vijayawada from Nadigama

Long live Blogging!!

May 2, 2008

These days I could not stop wondering what life would be without blogs. In the past couple of months the work at office was very easy paced for me, thanks to the delay in the launch of a couple of projects that I have to coordinate. Mind you I am a reasonably senior manager in a large corporate that throws a lot of challenges into my lap everyday. Most of the time I could barely check my personal mails on Yahoo. But, there also have been days when I would find myself unoccupied for entire afternoon. Till 4-5 years ago I used to kill such free time by browsing thru research reports or industry news that I regularly save on to my desktop for later use. When even that wouldn’t help kill my time efficiently, I used to do some random browsing on Internet. This kind of random browsing more often than not results zero value other than, of course, killing time. On the contrary “reading blogs”, in my view, is meaningful. Blog reading provides  – a) information (industry news, travelogues, etc.), humour  (mostly of self-deprecating nature, which I feel is very endearing), insight into how some one else is reading a situation or how some one has tackled an issue. Most tangible benefit of all, for me, was blog reading has rekindled my long forgotten interests in book reading, writing (yes, that’s why I started writing blogs), certain sports, traveling, cooking, performing arts, etc.


I am hoping to write blogs on a regular basis, even if most of them may be in connection with my current interests – traveling and food. All the best to me.