Karimnagar Highway – best for long drives from Hyderabad

Yesterday I drove to Karimnagar to visit a cousin. The drive was awesome. The road, especially upto Siddipet, was flnked by colourful trees that cast ample shadows on the road, and present a great sight. I did the distance of 150 KM in 2 h 15 m.  Though its a 2-lane road one can easily do speeds of 100-120 KMPH because the road is devoid of traffic and potholes. There are a lot of dhabas (almost every 10 KM) all the way to karimnagar. So its an ideal long drive option even if you wish to club it with “eating out”.




3 Responses to Karimnagar Highway – best for long drives from Hyderabad

  1. I have done that drive once in the rainy season, 3 years ago. It is totally an out of this world experience, especially with lush green fields and road-side ponds being at their aesthetic best. It was a time, when the canals, were being dug so some parts were, lets say, accessible with high risk, but otherwise, the rest of it was pure bliss. The hilly rocky areas with the monkeys running about the curved roads was another fun thing to see. And yeah, those real dhabas, unlike the ones on Medchal road, are a treat to eat out at.

  2. nvasireddy says:

    Hi Rahul,

    That road is just getting better, the trees and all, little traffic even now, and a few more resorts coming up in the viscinity.

  3. Never been on this road, will definitely plan it out sometime soon.

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