Telugu comedians: what’s common to most of them?

These days I am trying a new method to start a new day in a positive way. Its not that I would otherwise start a day in a negative way – like beating up my neighbour or scolding my wife for no reason 🙂

But, I felt that unless I do something about it I am starting my day in a lethargic manner- like dragging myself away from the news papers, or seriously contemplating the work at office, while sitting on the toilet seat, so on so forth. Hence, I decided that I will do one of the following in the morning while I am getting ready – put on some music (preferably soft music or old film songs), or watch the TV show “Nee Kosam” on Gemini TV where they put together a string of comedy scenes for you. I don’t know how many of you realize that having a hearty laugh is a good way to start a day, especially when the laughs are not directed at you 🙂

Most of the comedy scenes these days will have actor Sunil as the focal point. I guess people of our generation enjoy him more than the most, because of a simple reason – he belongs to our generation. He is around 30 years, he smokes and boozes convincingly (off the screen too), and is full of PJs, delivered in his own “Bhimavaram” accent. BTW, is it a coincidence that most of the current comedians hail from East or West Godavari Districts?? This is true in case of the comedians I enjoy the most – Sunil (Bhimavaram), Shivaji Raja (Narsapur), MS Narayana (Bhimavaram), Ali (Rajahmundry), Brahmanandam (at least his formative years were spent in Bhimavaram, Narsapur etc.). The rest are AVS (from Tenali), Venumadhav (Nizamabad), Chitram Sreenu (Khamam??). Kubbi – can you present some insight into this phenomenon!!

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Today, apart from “Nee kosam”, I watched the interview of SS Rajamouli, director of “Chatrapathi” which is releasing today. This guy, director of hits like “Student No.1, Simhadri, and Sye”, is disarmingly simple in discussing about his new film. I would rate Rajamouli, along with VV Vinayak and Vijaya Bhaskar, as best of the current lot in Telugu. ‘guess RG Verma would do well to watch the movies of these directors to learn how to make movies low on hype and high on substance.

More later….


4 Responses to Telugu comedians: what’s common to most of them?

  1. bhushan says:

    after reviewing two mostly unrelated comments posted already to nag’s post i have the following.

    i am sure RGV can always learn from other directors but one thing almost every other director can learn from him is that he does not introduce comedy for the sake of it. comedy is always interwoven into the story as and when appropriate which i found very refreshing.

    apart from the pointer on RGV i agree that it is important to incorporate watching comedy as part of our daily lives. i try to get a few minutes of seinfeld and/or friends everyday. also, one thing that is common to most telegu comedians is that very few of them try to add new items to their repertoire. i guess, to a certain extent it depends on the situations the directors create for them.

  2. Nag says:


    agree with your point on RGV’s comedy:(

    But, watching comedy scenes and RGV’s comparision with other Telugu directors were entirely un-related topics in my post. In any case, I feel that RGV’s style of comedy was “inspired” by Hollywood movies, just like few other aspects of his film making (intelligent use of lighting, chasing scenes using shoulder-mounted cameras, underplaying the facial expressions, etc.).

    Hence, you can not call RGV’s comedy as a original, whereas the styles of Jandhyala, EVV or even SV Krishna Reddy are unique and “original” in their own way.

  3. v_tel001 says:

    Sunil’s style of so close to today’s andhra college student’s lingo that the youth just loves him.

  4. Ram Medury says:

    Nice post, Nag. Recently saw Chatrapati few weeks ago and I liked the movie. Prabhas is an intense actor and the movie was gripping enough to make me watch without taking a break.

    I feel Telugu comedy is unique and packs a punch that for example Hindi cinema cannot. Of course lot of credit goes to the current, previous crop of comedians and their forerunners (the greats like Relangi, Ramana Reddy, Padmanabham though was more slapstick did contribute, etc). One of the biggies of recent Hindi comedy – Johnny Lever is also a Telugu person and one need not be surprised at that!

    I like watching comedy more to unwind at the end of a long day. Watching it at the start is also fine and I have done it several times. Personally I would prefer something more spiritual and soothing to start my day off if I get a chance. Devotional music, Pranayama etc would be just fine.

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