Gangs Vs.Greg , and Floods in Vijayawada

Umm, it took more than a week to write my next post. It is not as if I was very busy, I kept my self busy by reading whatever is being said on the internet about Ganguly-Chappell fall out. That’s quite something, isn’t it? To see a coach so pissed off about the captain and the captain who chose to bring it out into the open.

Our dear friend Shyam Sundar a.k.a. MP (write to me privately if you don’t know what MP is) has penned a nice note on what could have transpired between Gangs-Greg.

MP: if you are reading this, why don’t post your “work” on this blog, please!

Let me steer away from cricket now, lest our “non-cricketing” friends shut out. The next thing that comes to my mind is the recent floods in coastal Andhra. Just when you think you have seen it all – the floods in Mumbai, the flooding of roads in Hyderabad (you don’t actually need floods “to flood” Hyd roads, a rainfall of 4 cm is enough), the floods in coastal Andhra came along, out of nowhere. The TV channels are showing most of Vijayawada getting flooded, and the people “wading” around on the streets with their lungi’s lifted to the waist level. Jokes apart, it was really surprising to see such a deluge of water, just for a 3-4 day rain fall. Even more surprising (rather shocking) is that inspite of such wide-spread damage, the relief work was very minimal. You can call Chandrababu Naidu many other things, but in situations like this he would have ensured that the state govt. people worked their ass off round-the-clock.


2 Responses to Gangs Vs.Greg , and Floods in Vijayawada

  1. syam says:

    considering the dumb nature of the series Star TV promised Gavaskar to double his wages if he can come up with some spicy news.
    Gavaskar tried his best during the inconsequential match questioning the decision to field the full strength as opposed to playing the bench guys. But this failed to enthuse Star TV bosses and gave an ultimatum to Gavaskar to come up with some story before the end of the first test.
    Meanwhile the chirpy Harsha the bogus Bhogle spotted the sad looking Gavaskar in bar. Gavaskar explains his concerns to HB. HB laughs at his concerns and wears his MBA hat and asks for 10% commission for his advise. But Gavaskar asks what is the mantra. HB gives a suggestion to watch Telugu movies. Stunned by the recommendation off they go to HB’s room to watch the plot in the movie Manmadhudu. The plot is placing the secret camera under the table.
    What an idea. he giggles and quotes “idea lenidee prapamcham ledu, ee idea teliyaka enni matches waste chesaanu talachukunte thrilling gaa undi”. So just before the selection day they placed the camera under the selection meeting table in the dressing room. they danced and celebrated as they successfully tapped the conversation that happened in the selection meeting.
    Using his bengali nexus(as his son plays for Bhest Bengal team) off he goes to meet gang of lords the prince of pauper Ganguly and finds a concern on Ganguly’s face. to cheer him up Gavaskar promises 10% if Gangs farts during an interview session. off they go to light camera action. After repeated questioning finally Gangs succumbed to the pressure of Harsha and leaks the gas I mean the news.
    Meanwhile This could be the real conversation that might have happened ofcourse Gavaskar knows it better
    Chappell: so what will be the final 11.
    Gangs: Yuvi and Kaif and other 9 members.
    Chappell: How can you ignore Laxman.
    Gangs: Locksman da machli khabo naa ( Laxman hates fish)
    Chappell: But dash it I am also a veggie. on a given day any aussie not just me will pick Laxi than fish eating gangs.
    This might have stirred Gangs vital organs and caused stomuch upset and generated lot of gas that was truly cashed by the Bhogle gas company.

  2. Ram Medury says:

    What about the rainfall last month at Machilipatnam of almost 900mm in one day? An year’s rain dumped itself there in one day! And all the runoff went on to submerge other low lying areas all the way upto Gudivada.

    It is too bad we do not invest in rainwater harvesting and setting up minidams that prevent floods and droughts together in one shot.

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