more on Verma

‘thought I would post this small e-mail conversation between me & Kubbi on verma:

Kubbi says
“yesterday I had a chance to see “SeethaRamaiah Gari Manumaralu” mainly second half. It made me very nostalgic. I thought about the movie and felt it could be one of the best Family Dramas ever made in Telugu (very few films come close to it for the variety of emotions portrayed). RamGopalVerma will do well to take a note of it before he says funny things like ‘simple family struggles do not get my attention’. ”

in reply, me says:
“well said. Verma should just pause to think why family dramas leave a lasting impression with the audience than sex or revenge. Most good stories are woven around a human relationship: brother-sister, mother-son etc. If he ever tries, he will realize how difficult it is to make a good family drama. Its a different matter that even average family dramas do well, probably Verma formed his opinion after watching successful, but average family dramas.”


One Response to more on Verma

  1. bhushan says:

    just a comment on Nag-Mahesh conversation. when Nag wanted us to comment on Verma’s credentials the first thing that crossed my mind is that he was a trend setter with his selection of storylines and complete avoidance of melodrama. he aced it and has very few peers in that. but that said, as a director he is still not in the league of a sanjay bansali or a shyam benegal only because he hasn’t done anything yet to capture the complex human relationships. he can do action, comedy, suspense, romance, and horror which he proved time and again. but only when he can successfully present a complex family drama can he be considered an “all rounder”. but he will probably never do it and still remain one of the best in the business.

    guys, give some love to vijayawada that produced this gem. he recently got on a bike rally on bundar road to siddhartha college and showed that he still remembers his roots.

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